2.Four Skills

Skill Number 1: Language Fluency 

Language acquisition is the process by which humans acquire the capacity to perceive and comprehend language, as well as to produce and use words and sentences to communicate.

We have three stages of exam and all of them have one common core material .That is language of choice .You should be able to fluently use and comprehend language .Your language processing speed dependents lot on your declarative knowledge which you accumulated all through your life.The more you expose and interact with a language the better you will become at language processing .

In Prelims exam the faster you are able to comprehend the question, the better you will be able to save time and answer correctly .In the case of Mains you should be able to comprehend the question faster and deliver the best writing piece with in the word limit as fast as possible.In the interview also you need the same skill set.


Aspirants should focus on two kinds of reading:

Meaning focused: This is Normal reading all human beings do to get the meaning by decoding the abstraction of the vocabulary and sentences.

Structure focused :  Spend at-least 10% of your reading time focusing on structure and grammar of the text.Try to focus on the organization of paragraphs and the important vocabulary.Focus also on punctuation.


Here also aspirants need to focus on the two aspects :

Meaning focused listening :  Watch Hollywood movies ,sitcoms,listen to free librivox audiobooks,watch a 1000 ted videos.

Structure focused : Here also spend 10% time focusing on observing structure and organizations of language .


First focus on the structure,create a great brain friendly structure .Second thing is to write write and write .

Use GSStudy Facebook page as your primary tool for writing practice.


Now that you are doing a lot of reading, listening and writing,you have the basic material and tools of the language with you .Only way to improve your speaking skill is to speak in the context.

Skill Number 2: Objective question answering

Do minimum 50000 MCQ * 5 ,and you will be fine in this skill

Skill Number 3: Writing 

Spend 30% time on Gsstudy Facebook page and you will be fine .When you train yourself for writing number 1 thing is to focus on Structure.Create a structure and then fill up the blanks .

Skill Number 4: Speaking logic ,fluency and confidence .

Again ,Most effective way to improve this skill is to speak out and interact in context .

You can learn more from the list of MOOCS at Class central 1) Interview  2)Public speaking  3) Logic and Argument