Human Agency, Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivations

Schools have a special power (role in) to wipe-out all elements of intrinsic motivation by bringing carrots and sticks to the equation. Because, that is one way they keep perpetuating in relevance.. I think this (Killing intrinsic motivation) is the wrong way to stay relevant.

BJ Fogg & Nir Eyal models are perfect continuum.

I think BJ Fogg's MAT( or MAP) framework and Nir Eyal Hook framework are a perfect continuum and should be read in an integrated way for practical purpose. BJ Fogg's MAT framework includes 3 variables Motivation, Ability and Trigger. MotivationAbilityTrigger Nir's Hooked model includes 4 variables Trigger, Action, Reward and Investment. Trigger.Action.Reward … Continue reading BJ Fogg & Nir Eyal models are perfect continuum.

Tweet: Stanford study on Meta-cognition and Self-regulation. "According to the Educational Endowment Foundation (EEF), which performs studies to try and close achievement gaps, metacognition"and feedback are two most effective educational interventions it has tested. In this study, Stanford researcher Patricia Chen et al conducted two field experiments: Selected university students were offered a variety of prompts to help them think about how they studied, … Continue reading Tweet: Stanford study on Meta-cognition and Self-regulation.

Tweet: Measuring actual learning versus feeling of learning. This study compared passive lectures with active learning using a randomized experimental approach and identical course materials The study reached the following findings; Students in the active classroom learn more.But, they feel like they learn less. It shows that this negative correlation is caused mostly by the increased cognitive effort required during active learning.