BJ Fogg & Nir Eyal models are perfect continuum.

I think BJ Fogg's MAT( or MAP) framework and Nir Eyal Hook framework are a perfect continuum and should be read in an integrated way for practical purpose. BJ Fogg's MAT framework includes 3 variables Motivation, Ability and Trigger. MotivationAbilityTrigger Nir's Hooked model includes 4 variables Trigger, Action, Reward and Investment. Trigger.Action.Reward … Continue reading BJ Fogg & Nir Eyal models are perfect continuum.

Tweet: Why add Seductive details to instructional material ?

Seductive details are interesting but irrelevant elements that are added to instructional material in order to spice it up.#Learning #Education #ScienceOfLearning— Kiran Johny (@johnywrites) December 6, 2018 A seductive detail is a component added to instructional material that is interesting to the audience, but not directly relevant to the instructional purpose.

Tweet: Three types of learning domains

I was looking at the Science Of Learning in 3 domains. 1) Sports (Immediate feedback is possible) 2) Academics (Immediate feedback is possible by design)3) Entrepreneurship (Immediate feedback is not possible) #Learning #skills #entrepreneurship #sport— Kiran Johny (@johnywrites) November 18, 2018According to Daniel Kahneman “Acquisition of skills requires a regular environment, an adequate opportunity to … Continue reading Tweet: Three types of learning domains