Entrepreneurship and fitness landscape.

A fitness landscape model is a metaphor used to think about the processes of evolution acting on a biological entity. This entity can be viewed as moving through a search space with two kinds of decisions: Explore maximum number of landscapes or maximum number of variations. Exploit the most out of a particular landscape. This … Continue reading Entrepreneurship and fitness landscape.

Tweet: The Role of Luck by Scott Barry Kaufman

https://twitter.com/sbkaufman/status/1200486537168871425 In this article Scott Barry Kaufman give the following example studies to display the role of luck factors in success. Half of the differences in income can be explained by peoples country of residence and by the income distribution within that country, Scientific impact is randomly distributed, with high productivity alone having a limited … Continue reading Tweet: The Role of Luck by Scott Barry Kaufman

Tweet: Model Thinking

George Box said. “All models are wrong.” But, if they are wrong in different ways, then collectively, they can be less wrong. To quote Richard Levin’s, “the truth lies at the intersection of our independent lies.” And, it is in diversity that the seeds of independence reside. https://t.co/1kCWmPOuVb— Kiran Johny (@johnywrites) November 30, 2018https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQIzsv_5VRA

Tweet : Cumulative Culture and Human species learning

“Cumulative culture makes us smarter in another way as well: It allows us to transcend the limitations imposed on us by the anatomy of our brains, furnishing us with knowledge.” A growing contingent of scholars argue that our “superpower” as a species is not so much our intelligence as our collective intelligence and our capacity … Continue reading Tweet : Cumulative Culture and Human species learning