Tweet: A study on the effectiveness of 10 study techniques ?

Improving Students’ Learning With Effective Learning Techniques: A study on the effectiveness of 10 study techniques..What works..whats not— Kiran Johny (@johnywrites) July 13, 2019 Lots of stuff that we think helps us study doesn’t really: don’t bother highlighting, writing summaries of your reading, or rereading old stuff - none of that helps … Continue reading Tweet: A study on the effectiveness of 10 study techniques ?

Tweet: Learning styles is still making rounds

Many people, including educators, believe learning styles are set at birth and predict both academic and career success even though there is no scientific evidence to support this common myth, according to new research.— Kiran Johny (@johnywrites) June 5, 2019

Tweet: Immediately Re-Watching Lecture Videos Doesn’t Benefit Learning

“Re-watching a video lecture does not encourage individuals to build a richer representation of the content,” the researchers concluded, “thus leading to a more passive mode of viewing that puts little demands on attentional control, ultimately leading to more mind wandering.”— Kiran Johny (@johnywrites) January 25, 2019

Tweet: Cognitive Load Theory Vs Desirable Difficulties

A great article by @DrCrisCastro on Cognitive Load Theory Explaining Desirable Difficulties and its difference in effect on Complex and Less Complex Materials(not demanding much Working M) #learning #education #school— Kiran Johny (@johnywrites) November 17, 2018