Blended Learning Solution.

We do limited number of Blended Learning design workshops to help transform learning environments. Our strategy involves applying practical insights from latest Science of learning, Behavioral sciences, Technology, Sociology, Evolutionary Strategy and Design thinking.

  1. Science of learning : Incorporating the latest research and effective cognitive approaches in to the learning environment.
  2. Behavioral sciences : Incorporating effective behavioral tools like optimal feedback, extrinsic and intrinsic motivational strategy, behavioral economics etc.
  3. Technological : Using the appropriate technology tools like apps etc.
  4. Sociology : Incorporating ideas of social networking, social mobility, how to achieve social success, access social and cultural capitals, branding, social evolution etc. Eg school success is not equal to career success , the skills are different.
  5. Evolutionary Strategy : What are the skills of the future, what are the technology of now and future, And how can we prepare our learners for the best future outcome (Learnability) .
  6. Design thinking : Bringing it all together by using a non linear and  iterative process which seeks to understand users, existing assumptions, problems and create solutions by prototyping and testing with continues feed.

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