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Learning Design(custom-contextual-situational)

After identifying your needs, we design programs that nudges real behavioral change for optimized learning. Our approach is learner centric and we always place the learner at the heart of the experience. We also use detailed analytics to assess the success of your learning. We create actionable nudges and affordances to trigger active learning by using “Science of Transfer” to apply learning in different variabilities until its consolidated.


Strategy & Analysis.

We work with you to identify, understand deeply and define your requirements. This include in-depth understanding of your existing challenges and capabilities like current content, infrastructure, skills etc. We develop insights on how to design and build for your future while focusing on optimizing your existing initiatives and also planning for future requirements of learning.


Instructional Design.

Instructional design is the creation of learning materials and experiences used to help people learn more effectively. They may be physical, digital, or both. Our instructional designs are learner-centered, inquiry based, and make meaningful connections to individual strategic and institutional goals.


Environment Design.

We are believers of Ontological design” ie ‘Design designs’ which means our designs are in-turn designing us back by returning the favor in the form of co-evolution. The design of a learning environment has a significant impact on the learning that occurs within it. Every learning space must be carefully considered to ensure it is effectively supporting and extending good pedagogy. We helps clients create spaces that are learner-centered, stimulating, and adaptable for a range of use cases and users different kinds of learners. We are experts at capturing the needs of your teachers, students, families, administrators and staff to inform the design. We use insights from Design thinking and Behavioral sciences, especially insights from Behavioral economics to create ideal and challenging environmental nudges.


Blended Learning Solutions.

Blended learning is becoming increasingly important on the learning scene especially in structured educational sector. Its hybrid nature combines on-line digital media with traditional classroom methods and relies on both technology and a human-centered approach.Some models we follow include: Flex model, Labs model, Face-to-face driver model, Rotation model, Self-blend model, On-line driver model, Jigsaw Classroom model etc.


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